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Dear all,

Could you please update the map for THE ARAB LEAGUE because the map of morocco is incorrect as officialy and commonly updated By the Arab League on 26th/12/21

Also how can we explain that there is no people of the Sahara in Egypt or in Libya or in Tunisia or in Algeria knowing that the Sahara goes from the Atlantic coast in the Moroccan Sahara to Egypt. It is a people of the Sahara who exist only in the Moroccan Sahara ???. It is a conflict that has lasted too long because of Algerian propaganda and their petrodollars for hegemonist and expansionist purposes and above all to slow down the development of Morocco which without gas or oil was advancing and still moving in the right direction even if this fratricidal conflict has nevertheless impacted our development. This kind of speech only feeds the ideals of Algerian/Iranian generals and therefore the conflictMember states of the Arab League?

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Secession in Arab World[edit]



See: Minorities in Iraq

Proposed states
 Kurdistan  Assyria


Sinjar [citation needed]

Saudi Arabia[edit]


Jabal Shammar




Proposed states


Aram [citation needed] [original research?]


Syrian Turkmen











File:Coptic flag.svg Copts


Proposed states:  Cyrenaica




  • Ethnic group: Riffian
    • Proposed state: Rif
    • Political party: RIM
    • Militant organisation(s): RIM
  • Rif Independence Movement – occurred in Morocco during the 1920s,[14][15] and was revitalized in 2013.[16] Rif Independence Movement is a charter member of the Organization of Emerging African States.[16]






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